About Us

Our Story

The inspiration for DeckReform™ began when one of the owners was in need of a high quality deck coating for his mountain cabin, and found none that met his high expectations. Wanting to spare the costly expense of replacing the entire deck, and aware of the extreme weather conditions the deck was exposed to, the search began.

The ideal solution would withstand weather and wear, but also stop the deterioration of the wood on the deck in its tracks. When his search came up empty, he ventured into his own coatings manufacturing facility to produce an application that would meet the bill. And DeckReform™ was born.

Today, DeckReform™ is the ideal solution to deck, dock and concrete replacement. It’s a durable coating and resurfacing technology that easily installs right over your existing deck, dock or patio surface, providing a beautiful, protected finish that will last for years to come. It also has the added benefit of being slip-resistant.

About The Company

Established in 1995, Stegas, Inc. (formerly Sport Surfaces International, Inc.) provides high quality recreational surfaces worldwide. Headquartered in Austell, Georgia, the company was founded to manufacture and apply surface coating systems for the recreation industry, with a specific focus on tennis court surfaces, running tracks, playgrounds and sports court applications.

There are now thousands of courts around the globe who trust Stegas to surface or update their recreational court surfaces. In 2012, Sport Surfaces International, Inc. sold the service and installation division to Sports Venue Solutions, LLC., allowing the company to concentrate on its core business of paint and coatings manufacturing and development.

In 2011, and with 17 years of coatings expertise, the company began applying their technology and expertise into the residential market. With a newly developed surface coating, Stegas developed a way to restore worn-out decks, docks, and patios surfaces with its newest product DeckReform™.